How to Cite a Contract in Apa Format

When it comes to citing a contract, whether in academia or in legal contexts, adhering to proper citation styles is critical. The American Psychological Association (APA) style is a widely used format for citing legal documents, including contracts. This guide will outline the steps you need to follow to cite a contract in APA format.

1. Identify the Type of Contract

The first step in citing a contract in APA style is to determine the type of contract you’re citing. APA provides specific guidelines for different types of legal documents, including treaties, constitutions, court cases, and contracts.

2. Identify the Parties Involved

Next, identify the parties involved in the contract. This typically includes the names of the contracting parties, the contract’s title, and the date of the contract.

3. Provide the Contract’s Location

When citing a contract in APA, you must provide the location of the document. This means including the name of the organization or institution that holds the contract, as well as any relevant identification numbers or codes.

4. Include the Citational Information

After identifying the type of contract, the parties involved, and the location of the document, proceed to include the citational information in your APA reference list. The citation should follow the format:

[A] Contracting Party [1] and [B] Contracting Party [2]. (Year of Contract). Title of Contract, Location of Contract: Organization or Institution.

For example, an APA reference for a sales contract between ABC Corporation and XYZ Corporation signed on January 1, 2022, would look like this:

ABC Corporation [1] and XYZ Corporation [2]. (2022). Sales Contract, Sacramento, CA: California Department of Motor Vehicles.

5. Provide an In-Text Citation

When citing a contract within the text of your document, use the format (ABC Corp. & XYZ Corp., 2022). Place the citation in parentheses immediately after the cited material.


Citing legal documents such as contracts is crucial to ensure accurate referencing and attribution. Following APA guidelines when citing contracts will enable you to do so in a clear and structured manner. By identifying the contract’s type, the parties involved, and the location of the document, you will be able to provide a reliable citation reference that is recognized and respected by the academic and legal communities alike.

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