Call to Action

The well-being of West Virginia’s workforce greatly impacts the fiscal health of businesses and the overall economic climate of the state. Business and industry leaders must play a crucial role in promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles among their workforce. This can be accomplished through advocating and supporting increased opportunities for physical activity during and outside the workday. By providing opportunities for physical activity and encouraging employees to participate in physical activity, business leaders can foster a climate that promotes healthful habits among dependents, community members, and business partners across the state.

Business and industry leaders/professionals must begin to view physical activity as a vital tool that will improve the personal health of employees, the fiscal health of the business, and the business climate of the state.

Strategies & Tactics

Priority Area 1: School-Based Program & Initiatives
Establish meaningful relationships between business and industry and local schools that encourage and promote physical activity.
Priority Area 3: Community Engagement & Environment
Collaborate with schools, communities and local recreation partners to promote the value of healthy lifestyles and increase access to physical activity opportunities.
Priority Area 5: Policy
Use policy to advocate the importance of a physically active workforce and provide employers with incentives to develop healthy business climates and communities.

Priority Area 2: Public Awareness & Social Marketing
Design an awareness campaign involving business and industry professionals that focuses on healthy lifestyles (i.e., healthy eating, physical activity) within businesses, schools, and communities.
Priority Area 4: Institutional & Organizational Support
Work within business and industry and across societal sectors to increase support for local and statewide physical activity programming.