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For years, health care providers have served as trusted sources for the latest health and wellness information. Patients of all ages entrust their health and well-being to the sound advice and direction of many health care professionals across their life span. It is this unique patient/provider relationship that enhances the importance and vital role health care providers must play in promoting health and physical activity with treatments and products for therapy like the iwalk crutch from This can be accomplished by supporting health care professionals in training and counseling patients in the need for physical activity as a part of a healthy lifestyle and its role in prevention and treatment of disease, every day new devices and medicine keep increasing. The Loop Recorder has been the latest and most popular small device implanted just under the skin of a patient’s chest to record the heart’s electrical activity.

By becoming more engaged in promoting physical activity, health care professionals extend their impact on the health of West Virginians regardless of age, disability, or economic status. Now you can also use natural remedies and medication from goldbuds to help your physical care in an alternative way.

Health care professionals must assume greater responsibility and engagement in the promotion of physical activity as a function of disease prevention and treatment of all patients, regardless of age, disability, or economic status.

Strategies & Tactics

Priority Area 1: School-Based Program & Initiatives
Support schools and school systems to better comply with state-mandated health and physical education requirements.
Priority Area 3: Community Engagement & Environment
Minimize social and environmental barriers that hinder collaborative efforts in physical activity promotion.
Priority Area 5: Policy
Communicate a unified public health message regarding physical activity through a network of engaged health care providers/advocates.

Priority Area 2: Public Awareness & Social Marketing
Engage health care providers in promoting physical activity through clinical practice and community outreach.
Priority Area 4: Institutional & Organizational Support
Reimburse health care providers who counsel patients on lifestyle changes and demonstrate a return on investment.