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Importance of Physical Fitness for the Elderly

Physical fitness is important to everyone. As we get older, it becomes even more important. If we don’t take care of our bodies it will catch up with us one day as aches and pains develop or become more severe and slow us down to the point where it’s hard to walk or stand and keeping up with our day to day activities becomes nearly impossible to do.

Why Physical Activity is Important for Seniors at Nursing Home | by  Downsvale | Medium

Physical fitness is important at any age but especially to those who are over the age of 65 because that is when they start to develop medical problems such as arthritis and diabetes which worsens the older they get over time until ultimately they either quit doing the things they used to do or get to the point of needing nursing home care from facilities like the one at Many elderly people report feeling depressed. Sometimes their spouses and closest friends have passed on, and days can feel long and boring after retirement. Exercising can also solve this aging concern.

Exercise not only makes you feel better about yourself physically but it is known to help you maintain a positive outlook on the future and overall well being of your heart and brain improves dramatically by doing the right type of exercise and staying active. 85% of all seniors are at risk for developing high blood pressure by the age of seventy-four so they are at high risk for strokes that can result in heart attacks as well so staying physically fit will help combat these diseases by not elevating them as much which in turn helps keep them out of the risk of stroke by having their blood pressure regulated correctly as well as becoming less at risk for a heart attack because they are staying in shape and well nourished.

Physical activity naturally boost moods, even if the exercise is light to moderate intensity. The next time you feel down, go for a walk around your neighborhood. The fresh air will give you a sense of freedom to vent your frustrations and the sunlight may lift your mood even more when combined with the pleasant breeze on your face as you walk down the streets of your town or local park or around your home neighborhood and enjoy the scenery and just think about all the things that you have accomplished in life up to this point.. Walking gives you a chance to get some gentle exercise and relieve stress.

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Why implementing technology in the healthcare sector is important now a days

The adoption of technology in healthcare over the years has led to better diagnosis and treatment of patients. Technologies such as patient monitoring devices, Patient Engagement Software systems, image capturing devices and medical diagnostic equipment among others have immensely improved the care of patients hence reducing mortality rates and complications associated with diseases worldwide.

There are also therapeutic tools for affecting the quality and reach of addiction treatment and recovery support systems, as well as the empirical support to date for this approach. Potential models for implementing technology-based interventions targeting substance use disorders are described, learn more at

A notable increase in the adoption of electronic health records can also by noted which is a system that can store clinical data like medical history together with scanned images of diagnosis related reports and all electronically on file. Over the years many studies have presented evidences that suggests that healthcare technologies is decreasing the labor of physicians so that they can concentrate on the clinical care of the patient rather than inputting data into the EHRs. This presents an opportunity for the current generation of doctors to cut off their learning curve in clinical skills so that more time can be invested into improving patient care and reduced mortality rate among major conditions.

The benefits of information technology in healthcare or Health Information Technology, as else called, are plenty. These include; reduced administration costs in the long run as well as increased accuracy of the medical records thereby creating trust among the patients and the physician considering that a lot of information is now stored digitally as compared to before when there was no information keeping system at all. The transformative power of technology could not obviously be missing from the healthcare sector. Physicians are likely to spend less time with their patients trying to decipher complex records and less time consuming procedures such as those concerning simple office operations leading to more efficient service delivery and better care for the patient as well attracting more clients in the process.

The large capacity to handle volumes of documents has also lead to the fact that great amounts of clerical work have been taken over by the computers and hence increased productivity for physicians and transcriptionists working in the same field with a view of making the documentation process of a medical report to be quicker and therefore more accurate and efficient than before through digitization process which compares its key elements and makes what missing others in its perfection thus presenting reliable results at a glance with little or no chances of human error.

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