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The WV Physical Activity Plan 2015 was initially developed under the leadership of Sector Teams, representing each of eight societal sectors (Education; Healthcare; Public Health; Transportation, Land Use and Community Design; Non-Profit; Mass Media; Parks, Recreation, Fitness, and Sports; and Business and Industry). Sector Teams then participated in updating the 2020 Plan that is currently being released. There are opportunities for new members to be included in order to broaden the expertise in each sector. We are looking for leaders with a desire to champion physical activity in their sector and in their business/organization. Responsibilities of sector team members include leadership in advocating and implementing the sector PAP strategies and tactics, participating in Sector Team conference call meetings (2 a year), with the possibility of one in-person meeting (travel provided by member’s employee) as needed, and providing expertise within the sector as well as the PAP, overall.

The WV Physical Activity Network formed the initial Community Advisory Committee to assist the Network in identifying and promoting community physical activity opportunities. We are looking for additional committee members who are physical activity leaders in their communities and beyond. Responsibilities of a two-year term include participation in 2-3 conference calls per year, with the possibility of one in-person meeting (travel provided by member’s employee), as needed. Other contributions could include providing/reviewing local physical activities for newsletter and/or social media distribution, advocating for the WV Physical Activity Plan and the Network at local and state meetings, and presenting local initiatives in WV on behalf of the Network when opportunities arise.