In the summer of 2010, West Virginia boldly entered the national stage with a physical activity symposium event held in Charleston, WV.  This event was the jumping point for WV to commit fully to a state-wide physical activity plan modeled after the National Physical Activity Plan.  No other state, at the time, had taken the initiative to develop a comprehensive state-wide plan.  West Virginia ranks near the bottom in most categories related to physical activity and obesity, yet hundreds of individuals and organizations around our state have stepped up to the challenge to create a culture of physical activity in our great state.

West Virginia repeated the symposium event in 2015 as the starting point for a planned revision and update to the original plan.  That plan will be released in the early summer of 2016.  Please take a moment to visit the archived symposium sites and learn more about the events that took place.


2010 West Virginia Physical Activity Symposium – Click Here


2015 West Virginia Physical Activity Symposium – Click Here