Plan implementation efforts will focus on the priority areas, strategies, and tactics recommended across societal sectors including support for programming at the local level, a state-wide cause marketing campaign, and advocacy efforts related to physical activity policy.


Priority Area 1: School Based Programs and Initiatives. Implement multi-year programs to provide resources and technical support for PreK-12 school seeking to establish comprehensive school physical activity programs. (ActiveWV Schools)


Priority Area 2: Public Awareness & Social Marketing. Deliver cause marketing campaign to promote physical activity using the people, programs, and places of WV as the background. (Be Wild Be Wonderful. Be Active)


Priority Area 3: Community engagement &  Environment. Establish demonstration centers at city, town, and state parks. Provide resources for local communities seeking to organize programs or events that promote physical activity (ActiveWV Parks and ActiveWV Communities) 


Priority Area 4: Institutional & Organizational Support. Provide resources for primary care physicians interested in writing physical activity prescriptions for their patients based on use of local and state parks. (ActiveWV Health Care)


Priority Area 5: Policy. Collaborate with other key stakeholders in recommending and advocating for policy change related to physical activity promotion.

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