About the WV Physical Activity Plan

We all want a healthier West Virginia! We want to provide opportunities throughout our state to improve the health of our citizens. We want to promote healthy living where everyone lives, works and plays. We want to reduce healthcare costs, promote economic development and enhance West Virginians' quality of life.

We know it takes a united team to work toward a solution - and we know it takes dedicated leaders from each of the population sectors to "make it happen". One part of the solution is the development and implementation of an effective WV Physical Activity (PA) Plan. The aim of the Plan is to create a statewide culture that facilitates physically active lifestyles in every societal sector and in every region of our state, regardless of socio-demographic factors, or other barriers we may face.

The overarching GOAL of the WV Physical Activity Plan (WVPAP) is to provide a strategic direction to increase/maintain healthy physical activity levels of the citizens of WV through the development, implementation, and evaluation of an effective WV Physical Activity Plan that will facilitate sector input and collaboration, and guide policy and practice.

The WV Physical Activity Plan has been developed as a plan "by the people for the people". The plan was constructed using input from everyone from all of the 8 societal sectors. Key organizational partners from throughout the state are critical to the success of the Plan, and a Sector Leader Team with representatives from all eight sectors will ensure relevance, viability, and implementation.


GoNoodle program promotes physical activity, mindfulness

November 28, 2016 7:16 pm

LAKE CHARLES, LA. — First-grade students at A.A. Nelson Elementary School closed their books and quickly spread out around the classroom recently when their teacher gave the word. It was GoNoodle time, a time when talking and moving around is not just allowed, but encouraged. GoNoodle is an international program that promotes physical activity and


Is more physical education at school linked to higher student math scores?

November 14, 2016 10:15 pm

The amount of time students spend doing physical activity in school appears to be linked to higher standardized math scores in D.C. schools, according to a new American University study that examined the success of the city’s Healthy Schools Act and found that schools offering more physical activity had significantly better math success. The law,


Fitness, not physical activity, mitigates negative effects of prolonged sitting

November 4, 2016 9:36 pm

Living a sedentary lifestyle – such as sitting for prolonged periods – has been shown to be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and other conditions. Physical inactivity raises the risk of developing high blood pressure and coronary heart disease and has been found to increase the risk of certain cancers. Studies have linked excessive


Type 2 Diabetes and Physical Activity: Being Active Can Lower Disease Risk by 26 Percent, Study Finds

October 27, 2016 9:01 pm

Eating healthy, losing weight, and being more active are known ways to prevent and manage diabetes, and two new studies based out of the United Kingdom suggest that those who walk or cycle for the recommended 150 minutes a week may reduce their risk of Type 2 diabetes by 26 percent. With diabetes on the rise, (one in three people in the United States


Physical Activity Is About So Much More Than Just Weight Loss

October 6, 2016 6:58 pm

Despite residing on the largest island on the planet, one known as much for its natural beauty and stretching coastlines as it is for its love affair with sport, Australia is one of the fattest nations in the world. More than half of the adult population don’t currently meet the daily physical activity recommendations — that is 30 minutes

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activeSWV_feature August 23, 2016 - The inaugural Active Southern West Virginia Family Triathlon, in support of ActiveSWV Kids Run Clubs, was a great success! Held on Saturday, August 20, 2016, in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Summersville Dam celebration, a field of 50 participants, including kids, parents and grandparents, ran, biked and paddled a course set up adjacent to the Summersville Lake beach.


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The WV Physical Activity Network (WVPAN) aims to increase physical activity in West Virginia.  WVPAN will assist communities in creating the culture needed to guide West Virginians into a more physically active lifestyle, to improve health and quality of life.

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